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Broker vs. Bot


Broker vs. Bot

Where is our Real Estate Future Going ?

A good reason why we have added Aiva to our team as seen at



Rent-To-Own   –   Lease-To-Own   – It’s all the same, or maybe not.  There are minor differences that could mean major money moving one way or another.  If you are heading down this path it’s best to know where these paths lead.  You can click on the picture above to get a little more information or you can just call or text Dan Ringwald 805-680-2440 cell so we can go over the details and differences and see which is right for you.  Sometimes it ends up that both are not the best path to head down so talking with someone who has years of experience will save you a lot of time and money.

2016 Real Estate Forcast

2016 RE Forcast

Getting ready to set your goals for 2016 Real Estate Investing?  Here is a map to help get you started and here is our Training to help you on your way!



Why You Should NOT Leave Your Job to Become an Entrepreneur

This article is very interesting and refreshing to know that the real estate path I travel is not filled with most of the landmines Sallie mentioned.   I can go through her article line by line and tell you why this or that does not apply and how I avoid it.  Taxes, accounting, marketing, YES, most of the rest NO.  I do recommend people keep whatever job or income they have while slowly replacing it with investing income.  Being a real estate entrepreneur is not Get Rich Quick.  What it does provide is unlimited income as you move into retirement where you get to run your own business as large or as small as you like.  Your retirement could be 25, 65, sooner, or never, the choice is yours.  I am here to help you earn while you learn so do take a look at our Training page!




We have all the videos up and running for our SBREIA EXPO 5

SBREIA Meeting 5-30-15


See all the details of our next Real Estate Meeting at
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Realty411 Talk RadioLinda Pliagas Realty 411 on SBREIA EXPO 5
Blog Talk Radio – Interview 5-23-15  
Listen to a short interview with Linda Pliagas of  and Dan Ringwald of about their upcoming SBREIA EXPO 5 event on 6-20-15 at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort.  Also created an account for future interviews at

Hello World!

NH Big Inc

NH Big Inc has just updated our website with a new look and feel which works better for viewing properties, inputting properties by our Locators, and is now our Home for our Free Training.  This will be a Big help for all of you who would like to learn how to Wholesale Real Estate with no Money out of your Pocket.

Free Training – All deals are Contract Assignments only which means we do No Rehabs here.  We pass them on to Investors so they can make a lot more money while we make small assignment fees from $1,000 to as much as $50,000 on the high-end properties.  You will need virtually NO Money to work in our Virtual World of Wholesaling Real Estate Nationwide!

We are here to help you build up your business and in exchange you will be helping to build our business.  See all the Free Training and Trainers to pick from as we build them up.  Not happy with your Trainer then switch any time for any reason and it’s all Free.  You can become a Trainer as well and have new Wholesalers help you build your business.

Welcome to NH Big Inc where you get to Earn while you Learn!  Contact Dan Ringwald with any questions any time.