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Search Map Tips

We have a few helpful tips for the Search and Map features.

Multiple Search Categories: location at top
Here you can do a combination search to narrow down what you are looking for.
Price     –     Type     –  Location
Example – $1,000 – $100,000  –  For Sale  –  CA

Single Search:  location on lower right side
Just the street # will find the property you are looking for.  Looking for something else?  A one word search might do it.

Google Maps:
Street View
– You will notice a little man figure in the upper left corner.  Drag that to the property location icon on the Google Map it will give you the street view.  Yes, sometimes it doesn’t work because Google just doesn’t have a street view of that location.
Expand the Map – Look to the lower left where it says Google and click on Google and get a full-page view.