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Tenants – Please make your Rental Payments at
and look over To Our Tenants for more information.

Everyone else please pay at the PayPal (Pay Now) button below to NH Big Inc.

Dan Ringwald 805-680-2440 cell – voice/text – Contact me if needed before making any payments to confirm the amount.

Any type of payments means, SBREIA Meetings, Speakers, Vendors,  Real Estate Training and Coaching, Health Products, Computing Support, or anything else.

There are some credit cards that PayPal does not accept so you might try using our SquareUp account for payments.

You can put in variable amounts, quantities, and then click (update).  Check to see it updated to the mount you expected to pay.  Your payment might include Credit Card Fess for processing payments.

Before clicking (update) look to the lower right to see the Don’t have a PayPal Account which might change to Pay with Credit Card or sometimes even be blank but is the area where you click after clicking update.  If you don’t have a PayPal account just pay with a standard Debit Card, Credit Card, or Prepaid Credit Card.  There are some cards that PayPal will not accept.  If you are paying Rent we recommend setting up Bill Pay through your checking account so you do not have to pay credit card fees.  Many banks now have online Bill Pay, Email Pay, and Cell Phone Pay which have no fees.

There is also an Add Message area where you can add a specific message about your payment like adding Descriptions for other Services, Dates, Times, Locations.  It’s a good idea to include your cell phone number so we can text you back confirmations of your payments or anything else we need to communicate with you.  PayPal will also email you a receipt, which is why you should add a specific message, so make sure you include your correct email address when making payments. – Contractors – Estimate, Invoice, & Manage on the go!  – Fast Payments and Eliminates Credit Card and PayPal Fees – It’s FREE and will help you guide you.

Credit Repair Program – Not FREE and they are still very good.

Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 voice/text – Contact me if you need any help