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$600 One Year Real Estate Training Program – Earn While You Learn

Dan Ringwald will train you One-On-One for One Year with unlimited access if you follow my program for only $600.  This will give you the ability to Earn While you Learn!  You are not buying or paying for any software programs although you do have support to access these through Dan Ringwald as an Associate Team Member.  This training program is primarily for generating income from locating all types of property deals and wholesaling them via assignment contracts, as earned income, where you earn a percentage of the profit as seen on our Training Free page.  If you want to purchase some of these properties, Fix and Flip, or keep for long term rentals, and not wholesale them, you can do that too, as investment income!  We cover all items as seen on our Training Free page.  Some of the items on our Training Free page are free and some are not.  You get the resources for Free when you pay $600 per year for my coaching time.  The $600 you pay is for my Coaching time, which is unlimited, although you must follow my program and training.  If you want me to follow your program on specifically what you want, and for me to do specific things for you at your request, then don’t sign up for this program, sign up for my Coaching 1 on 1 Hourly Rates as seen below.  The resources I provide in this training program like REIPro see Demo are included Free when you become a member of my team under this $600 Real Estate Training Program.  If you don’t want or need me, with my 40 years of Real Estate experience and the resources I provide for Free, then go direct, as seen in one of the examples below, and pay the higher price.

$600 Pay Here – Real Estate Training Program – from Dan Ringwald
$1,044 – yr – REIpro NREIA Discount Single User from SBREIA
$1,164 – yr – REIpro Direct  Single User

One year on my NH Big Real Estate Training Program might be all you need for you to start and run your own Real Estate business.  We still want to stay connected with you so the more you know, and the more you grow, the higher percentage of profits you will get from NH Big Inc. on each closing.  We want long term Partners, Associates, and Team Members.  Call or Text Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 before purchasing anything so you can go over the details and be clear on what you are paying for.  We do have other Coaching and pricing options below if you are not ready for a one year commitment.  When you are ready Pay $600 Here and be sure to call me before paying to answer any questions.

Free Training and Coaching –  If you live out of the local Santa Barbara and cannot attend a meeting then your only option is to pay for Training and Coaching.  We want to increase the number of people attending our  The 1st meeting you attend is free and qualifies you for 30 days of free training after the meeting you attended.  Once the 30 days after the meeting you attended is over your free training is over.  You cannot bank it and save it for later.  Each time you attend an SB REIA Meeting you get another 30 days.  Meetings are $10 in advance online or $20 cash at the door.  You can get free training forever by bringing a 1st time guest to our meetings.  That gets you and your guest in free and gives you 30 days each time you bring a 1st time guest so that will give you free training forever.  Just make sure we make a note on the sign in list that you brought a guest and want the free training for the next 30 days.

Will flying to Santa Barbara and staying for a few days to attend some of our meetings costs less than paying for our training online?  After looking over our rates below most people will say paying online is less expensive, more convenient, gets you started faster, and those that pay are actually more productive and successful because people who pay for their education are usually more committed to it.  Your best investment is you!

Lease-To-Own Properties – This is another service we can offer you.  There are a number of ways to generate income from these.  The first is to purchase a property and set it up as a Lease-To-Own and we can help you with that.  If you don’t currently have $50,000 or more, as a down payment to invest, then let’s move on to another way of generating income from these.

You can Earn while you Learn how to do this business just like me from the coaching I have outlined above and below.  I am not worried about the competition because there are thousands of properties on the market and I personally would only want to manage about 30 or 40 of them. That leaves thousands more for people just like you.  It is a full-time job, it can be difficult, and if you are not on top of the game you could lose a lot of money for you and/or your investors.  The trick is nice homes in nice neighborhoods and especially Lease-To-Own.

The are many places in the world and the internet to get real estate coaching and as you may have noticed they all want you to sign up for a lengthy seminar style program for thousands of dollars.  Although some can be very educational, the price and the assistant, not the guru, who coaches you, leaves a lot to be desired. – This is another source for free education and networking locally or online.

We have a coaching approach that lets you ease your way in so you get a good feel for who is coaching you and if the coach and the information works for you. You receive just the desired amount of coaching you want and in the area of your choice. When you have received what you need you can ease out and come back at a later date, on your schedule from the comfort of your home. All your time can be divided up into the hours and minutes you want and when you need it. You do need to put your time and education to use within a 12 month period from the point of purchase or you will lose what you don’t use. This should help you stay focused, on track, and help you use up the time you have paid for.

Before signing up for any coaching you should always call us first for some free consultation time. You need to know if this is right for you and we need to know if there is a possibility that we can help you and coach you. The great part is you can start off with just a little time and increase it if you need more. Stop for a few months if needed and then come back for more.

Working with experienced people who deal with the real estate market on a daily basis makes a huge difference in your success. If you are coachable we can make the difference you are looking for. Give us a call first and then come back and sign up for the amount of coaching time you desire.

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