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Contractors, Developers, and Builders – The Creativity, Supplies, and Skills that make it all happen!
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You are our bread and butter!  Without you it’s not happening.  We know you work with Investors as part of your team.  Investors put up the funds so you can create the dreams!  You might be an Investor as well.  We find properties in need of repairs and vacant land for you to build on.  Please add yourself and your information and we will do our best to supply you and your Investors with the properties you want in the locations where you work!  Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Contractor List

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Both you and your agents are able to login and submit property listings from the front of your website but Houzez also allows (optionally) to create a listing just entering your email and will be automatically created a new account.

To avoid spam user the account just created have to be confirmed by email.

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