Agents & Business Policy

Our Agents are mostly contract Associates not actual employees of NH Big Inc.  They vary in career paths so please notice the differences in titles so you will understand if they are NH Big Inc. Associate Property Locators, or, Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Mortgage Brokers,  or closely associated with us at NH Big Inc. and are actually running their own business.

NH Big Inc. – Business Policy
We do a lot of non-contractual preliminary work with property owners, buyers, sellers, investors, fix and flip contractors, wholesalers, real estate agents and more, before actually signing contractual agreements.  We do not require people to sign non-circumvention agreements, which means you will continue working with us here at NH Big Inc. and not go around us.

Non-Circumvention Agreements
The purpose of a non-circumvention (or non-circumvent) agreement is to prevent one or more parties from being passed over in a transaction, leaving them without full compensation for their labor or involvement.

This does leave it open for people to go around us, but it also stops us from burning out all those mentioned above by making too many offers that go nowhere and wasting people’s time.  We make it clear with all of our clients that if they go around us we flag their name and/or company in our database and that is the last time we do business with them. This works for us here at NH Big Inc. as we get to work with people that have a lot more integrity.

Contract Assignment Fees – always negotiable and usually starts around 5% per deal so on a $100,000 property that is $5,000 and most realtors charge 6%.  Typically the higher the sales price the lower our Fee as we would never charge 5% on a $2m property.  If you are a Cash Buyer we will need Proof of Funds text or emailed to us and blackout any bank account numbers and information needed to protect your privacy.  Our Sellers just need to know you can afford to purchase their property and not wasting their time.  If you are not a Cash Buyer and need a loan then you need to get a pre-approval letter from our Mortgage Broker even if you already have your own lender. Your bank and your realtor might say you are qualified but your underwriters are saying no most of the time in this current market.  If that happens we can quickly move you over to our mortgage broker and complete the sale.

Referral Fees – are usually around $1,000 to refer you to a seller or wholesaler and this is a one time only fee per seller or wholesaler.  Our referral fees are not contract assignment fees.  It’s a lot less work so it’s a lot less money and we never make it a written agreement, just an agreement in an email or text message.  As mentioned above, if you don’t pay we just note that in your contact information and don’t work with you again until you have paid from the past what you owe.  After you make contact and purchase one time on any property you pay us our referral fee and then you can purchase through that same person, company, wholesaler and you pay no more referral fees for them only on any new person, company, or wholesaler we refer you to.  If you do not purchase anything from them you don’t pay us anything.  You only pay us after you purchase and we just bill you an invoice for Real Estate Consulting so you can write off.

We appreciate your honesty and look forward to working with people that know their reputation is only as good as their word.  We have provided a lot of information here on our website about us.  If you haven’t already provided us your First and Last name, cell number, and email address, and you are serious about working with us, you need to provide some information about you.
Here is the place to start – Your Contact Information
Once completed we can move to the next step.  Thank you.

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