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Please fill out our form below and * indicates required information in order to submit the form.  We close quickly and if your property does not meet our criteria we provide Private Money to our Investors so they can close quickly when purchasing your property.  We will be back in contact with you soon!  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Property Information – We need your information so we can move forward with helping you get what you want.  The next step is to get some basic information from you. Please fill in whatever information you can and we will contact you to see what is possible.  If you don’t ask you don’t get so fill it out and let’s see what we can do for you.  As you will see there are a lot of people we cannot help because we only focus on higher end homes.  Your home value needs to be at least $100,000.

Lease-To-Own – This option is best if you do not want to pay a Real Estate Commission.  Consider this option for the highest price because we usually price your home value on what it will be two years from now.  Normally you might not consider selling your home on a Lease-To-Own due to lack of experience.  Example; not knowing you can hold and keep a $50,000 non-refundable fee if the tenant fails to purchase in 2 years or less.  If you would like more details we can go over all your questions and help you understand why you might consider Lease-To-Own.  If you are not willing to do a Lease-To-Own and if it does not meet our criteria for us to purchase it, then the last option is to Wholesale your home.

Wholesale – This is another option if you do not want to pay a Real Estate Commission.  We are Investors not Real Estate Agents!  It doesn’t matter if you have tried to sell your property with a Real Estate Agent or Broker on the MLS or not.  We can get you on the MLS, just like a real estate agent for marketing it nationwide, along with all the other marketing we do in addition to the MLS.  This other marketing is how we usually get your home sold but not including the MLS would be a big mistake because we can get buyers through the MLS who are not working with agents.  You will not have to pay a real estate commission or deal with any realtors.  We do all the work and if a commission has to be paid, it would come out of our profit.  We usually do not need to accept a buying agent because of our non-exclusive agent status, but we can go that direct if you need to sell quickly due to a pending foreclosure or some other reason.  We don’t mind working with realtors and we work with them all the time.  They are some of our best contract workers.  We just able to do things realtors cannot do, will not do, and don’t know how to do, which greatly limits your options for doing all the things you didn’t even know you can do.  It’s a great educational experience and leaves you wondering why don’t realtors know this and do this.  The answer is, you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you do know.  Sometimes it takes 40 years of Real Estate Investing experience to figure all of these things out.  We have that experience and we have figured it out.  You will be well served and impressed with our process for wholesaling which many investors that do wholesaling don’t even know about.

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