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If you need to sell your home and want to close quickly, like two or three weeks, we can purchase your home if fits our Investors criteria.  Sometimes a property needs lots of work and lenders usually will not give a loan on properties needing lots of work, even if you have an 800 credit score.  Those type of properties need to be purchased by a cash buying Investor who will fix and flip it.   Investors need to purchase these type of properties with a substantial discount so they can fix and flip it for a profit.  If the Investor can’t make a profit they will not purchase it and the property will not sell until it’s fixed up or it just remains vacant and vandalized.  If our offer is too low and you cannot work with our price, we can help you, as a For Sale by Owner, sell your home for the highest price and best terms for you and the Buyer.

We advertise it on the MLS, just like Realtors and Brokers, but only sell it to Direct Buyers so you pay No Realtor Commissions.  Unlike Realtors, we let you, the Seller, and the Buyer meet face to face to agree on the final price and terms, sometimes including owner financing, or assuming current loans.  We do not do Yard Signs and we do not do Open Houses.  That is all designed to help Realtors generate more leads and all that does for the homeowner is create a serious security risk by increasing vandalism with lots of unknown, and unqualified people trolling your home for valuable items.  We do not let any potential buyers view your home unless they have been pre-approved, not pre-qualified, for a loan.  The Buyers have a much better chance if they work with our mortgage broker.  If they are a Cash Buyer, they must prove their Cash Bank Account funds.  If they pass our qualifications, then and only then, they can view your home.  You will have very few potential Buyers view your home and usually it’s only two or three that view, and then it’s sold.  We close with standard Attorney’s and Title/Escrow companies near your property to make sure it’s all legal and convenient for the Buyer and Seller.  Obviously, no one can do all of this for free, so we do charge our fees to the Buyer and Seller, and they are usually negotiable through Contract Assignments and Real Estate Consulting Fees.  If the sales price and terms are good for the Buyer and Seller, they care a lot less about our fees.  By the time Buyer and Seller are heading into escrow to close the sale, they like us a lot more because they understand all the work, we go through to make it all happen. They also like the fact that they have got to meet face to face and work out all the details that are important to them.  We can do this because we are Investors, not Realtors.  Realtors never let the Buyers and Seller meet face to face to work out the details.  Given the current high price of homes nationwide and the high interest rates it’s hard for everyone to buy and sell homes today.  Thousands of Real Estate Agents nationwide are quitting their jobs and looking for other sources of income.  In these hard times we here at National Home Buyers do better because we are Investors not Realtors, so we have less competition and we know all the creative solutions that realtors don’t know, can’t do as a realtor, and don’t have the time and patience to learn.  They would have to give up being a realtor and become an Investor. We can purchase your home or at least help you sell it.

We just need some general information to get you started so fill out our form with Your Contact Information and call or text us at 805-242-3004 any time with any questions.  You will see just how good and quick we are at getting back to you!

If you live in a high priced neighborhood, like Santa Barbara CA, and pay a 6% commission to a Realtor, you will easily pay $60,000 to $120,000 or more in Realtors Commissions!  That’s exciting to know if you are a Realtor, but not so exciting to pay that much if you are a Seller.  If we buy it, you pay NO REALTORS COMMISSIONS! If don’t buy your home and help you sell it instead you still pay NO REALTORS COMMISSIONS! We will need to do some market research to see where your property falls in line with our purchase criteria.  If during that time we find a buyer that is willing to pay way more than we will, we can give you a higher price. We close quickly and we have access to Private and Hard Money for our Investors and all other Buyers that need the money while working with our Mortgage Brokers.

Lease-To-Own <– More information at this link. Consider this option, if for some reason you conclude selling your home now is not the best time for you to sell it.  When this happens, most homeowners decide to rent their Home.  If you still plan to sell it eventually, why rent it when you could consider a Lease-To-Own with a non-refundable fee of $50k or more.  We usually price the home value on what it will be in a few years from now so you can price it right.  Normally you might not consider selling your home on a Lease-To-Own due to lack of experience.  Example: not knowing you can hold and keep a $50,000 non-refundable fee if the tenant fails to purchase in a few years or less.  If you would like more details, we can go over all your questions and help you understand why you might consider Lease-To-Own.  If you are not willing to do a Lease-To-Own and if it does not meet our criteria for us to purchase it, then we can help you with a For Sale by Owner and get the highest price possible.

Wholesale – This is another option if you do not want to pay a Real Estate Commissions.  We are Investors not Real Estate Agents!  It doesn’t matter if you have tried to sell your home with a Real Estate Agent or Broker on the MLS or not.  We can get you on the MLS, just like a real estate agent for marketing it nationwide, along with all the other marketing we do in addition to the MLS.  The MLS marketing is how we usually get your home sold.  Not advertising your home on the MLS would be a big mistake because we can get buyers through the MLS who are not working with agents.  You will not have to pay a real estate commission or deal with any realtors.  We do all the work and if a realtor did have a buyer with the highest price offer and you were willing to take it and pay the commission we can do that too.  You would only be paying a 2.5% Buyers commission.  We usually do not need to accept a real estate buying agent because we can choose to only take direct buyers that are not working with real estate agents.  We don’t mind working with realtors and we work with them all the time.  They are some of our best contract workers.  We are just able to do things realtors cannot do, will not do, and don’t know how to do, which greatly limits your options for doing all the things you didn’t even know you can do.  It’s a great educational experience and leaves you wondering why don’t realtors know this and do this.  The answer is, you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you do know.  They also want to make a lot more money and you will pay for it.  Sometimes it takes 40 years of Real Estate Investing experience to figure all of these things out.  We have that experience and we have figured it out.  You will be well served and impressed with our process for wholesaling which many investors that do wholesaling don’t even know about.  Sure you can sell it yourself and do all the work but why do all that work, when we will do it and it costs you very little and it’s all negotiable.

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