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You know you got a problem when your vacant property has been taken over by a bunch of SQUATTERS

If you have a problem with Squatters, Who You Gonna Call?  Attorneys are not going to tell you faster ways for dealing with squatters, even if it’s legal. They don’t want to miss out on exorbitant attorney fees and risk their license, which is the same for real estate agents and brokers. We are looking for real estate agents and brokers and attorneys that want to work with us, in legal ways, that will not put your license at risk.
OUT SQUATTERS – We are also looking for people that want to run their own business helping property owners regain control of their 5th Amendment Property Rights, to their property, that they own!

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UTILITY SQUATBUSTERS – We will have a password protected page in the near future with specific information on how to deal with your Utility Company and becoming Energy Independent.  In the meantime, if you are tired of your Utility Company Squatting on your property, using your body, home, and business, as an energy source like the Matrix, you can start by looking over all of our FREE information at our Personal Power Project.

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The squatter information below is not something we made up. We pulled it directly from the internet and you can too.

How long ago did they make squatting legal?
The idea of squatting goes back to medieval England and its common law. The king’s courts would routinely rule in favor of individuals who occupied a property without permission, providing the owner did not take action against them within a certain statute of limitations.

When were squatters rights invented?
Ultimately, as they shed the image of being outside the law and fashioned themselves into pioneers, squatters were increasingly able to purchase the lands on which they had settled for the minimum price thanks to various preemption acts and laws passed throughout the 1810s-1840s.

Why do squatters have rights in the US?
Why do squatters rights even exist? Squatters’ rights, or adverse possession laws, exist to address situations where land or property is abandoned or not being actively used by the legal owner. These laws were initially designed to encourage the productive use of land and resolve disputes over property ownership.

What states have squatter laws?
Which states have squatters’ rights? Squatters rights, also known as “adverse possession” laws, exist in all 50 states of the U.S. How and when these laws are enforced differ greatly from state to state, however.

What were squatters in the 1800s?
Faced with the choice of remaining in the East or moving west and taking possession of land without paying for it, many Americans chose the latter course and became squatters. They knew that they would be able to farm their land until the individual who had obtained the title arrived to dispossess them.

What state has the shortest time for squatters rights?
In the State of California, a squatter must occupy your property for a period of 5 years put forward any adverse possession claims. This is the shortest period of any state.

How many squatters are in the US?
Assuming that all loans on nonaccrual status represent vacant properties, it means at least 4.4 million (7.3 – 2.9 = 4.4) are occupied by people who are not paying for them, for whatever reason. This number has increased by 3 million since the end of 2007.

Why are homeless people called squatters?
“settler who occupies land without legal title,” 1788, agent noun from squat (v.); in reference to paupers or homeless people in uninhabited buildings, it is recorded from 1880. To squat is to settle on land or in an unoccupied building without legal right. The people who do this are known as “SQUATTERS.”

What happened to the Airbnb squatter? (KTLA) – Elizabeth Hirschhorn, the woman who is accused of squatting for well over a year in a Los Angeles guesthouse that she booked on Airbnb, is finally out. Hirschhorn left the guest house last Friday after 570 days of rent-free living, according to a court filing.

Which state has the most squatters?

Florida Squatter Law : An Ultimate Guide

Florida is one of the states with one of the highest prevalence of squatters. Squatters rights exist in Florida and indeed in the rest of the country. As a matter of fact, they can legally claim ownership of your property through an adverse possession claim.

Can you kick out a squatter in California?
If you are a California property owner and you find out that a squatter is living in your property, you need to provide proper notice, file a formal eviction complaint in court, and attend (or get your attorney to attend) a hearing to lawfully remove the squatter.

Squatters Rights - AAOA

Do you think the Squatters Rights – Guide to State Law and How to Evict will help?
Given that all States, Counties, and Cities have their own laws then good luck with this option.

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