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TRAINING Free – 30 days after attending – SBREIA Meetings

TRAINING Paid – for those not attending our Meetings

What you get by Joining our Teams and Training

  • Real Estate Training – 1 on 1, Live Online Meetings, past Recorded Meetings
  • Business Credibility – Associates of NH BigNHB LLC,  SBREIA
  • REIPro – Online program for closing Deals! Access or Purchase through NH Big Inc. at a discount!
  • Podio – Online General and Private Workspace Training
  • Website – Login Access for Creating listing your properties and deals
  • Tech Support – automating your business
  • NH Big Branding – on Business Cards, Postcards, Letters, Contracts, Forms and more
  • Thousands of Nationwide Leads, Properties, Cash Buyers, Motivated Sellers, Private Lenders
  • Access to Business Software worth $5,000 and more
  • Locate Sellers – via – Email and Text only – no calls – simple as it gets
  • Making Calls  – listen Trainer – help with making your own calls
  • Locating Sellers – Beginning students earn $1,000 minimum + 10% of the profit on each closing
  • Locating Buyers – Beginning students earn $1,000 minimum + 10% of the profit on each closing
  • After you close your first deal you can become a Trainer and we help you build your Team
  • You help build our Business while we help build your Business

Next Online Meeting – Sundays – 11 am to 12 noon
if no one is there it’s not happening

Videos – of past Meetings

06-24-18 – REIpro locating properties and owners
06-10-18 – For Rent by Owners
05-27-18 – For Sale by Owners Step 1
12-27-14 – Flipping Properties on Craigslist
12-06-14 – Properties For Sale
11-29-14 – Tenants doing Rehabs 1
12-20-14 – Tenants doing Rehabs 2
11-22-14 – Security on Properties
11-08-14 – Cash Buyers & Wholesalers
07-19-14 – Joint Venture Partners
11-15-14 – Cloud Property Management
12-13-14 – Podio Training

YouTube – Playlist for Real Estate Training

Future Videos

Automate & Delegate
C-Corp vs S-Corp for Wholesaling
C-Corp for Wholesaling
Finding Cash Buyers
NHB What We Sell

Company Policy – Building Trust on your path to Freedom

Dan Ringwald – President/CEO – 805-242-3004 – Google Voice/Text – Contact
Here is a one hour video.  This will give you a good idea of what we cover in our businesses of Wholesaling and Joint Venture Properties.  I will be here to help work with you and your Trainers, Training Accounts, Closing the Deals, and make sure you Get Paid at Closing!

Michael Ringwald – Trainer, Associate, Investor
Technical Support – 805-391-4191 – Google Voice/Text
Michael V LLC
Real Estate Training, Website Design, Cash Buyer List downloads, Account Setup, and more!