Training Free
30 days
after attending – SB REIA Meetings
or if you sign up under me on the Boxabl Homes sign up is Free,
I will give you 60 days of my Real Estate Training for FREE!

Training Paid
for those not attending SB REIA Meetings

Video Chat – with – Dan Ringwald
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Join our Online Video Chat Meetings with Dan Ringwald
Dan will text you to confirm our meetings and if no one is there
it’s not happening, so text or call Dan 805-242-3004 and make one happen!

The Programs we have access to for helping you Earn while you Learn
by Joining our Teams and Trainings – some free some not

  • Real Estate Training – 1 on 1 with Dan Ringwald 40 years of Experience!
  • Business Credibility – As an Associate of NH BigNHB LLC,  SBREIA
  • Google Workspace – Business Services
  • Video Chat – Live Online Meetings at link above
  • Facebook Group – network with members and post your deals
  • Real Estate Skills – Wholesaling on the MLS
  • REIPro Demo – Real Estate Deal Finder to Buy, Sell, Wholesaling and closing Deals!
  • S.M.A.R.T. – Real Estate Deal Finder to Buy, Sell, Wholesaling, Expired MLS Listings!
  • Awesome REI – Private Money, Wholesaling Lease-To-Own – Video
  • Tax Liens and Deeds – Tony Martinez and Saen Higgins
  • – Create Listings as Agent/Associate for your Properties Deals
  • – Channel with years of educational videos
  • Computing Support – Get help automating your business
  • NH Big Inc. – Branding – on Business Cards, Postcards, Letters, Contracts, Forms and more
  • Thousands of Leads Nationwide – Properties, Cash Buyers, Motivated Sellers, Private Lenders
  • Business Software – access worth $10,000 and more
  • Locating Deals – Email and Text only, starting with no calls, simple as it gets!
  • Text and Emails – Dan’s group text and emails on all of your deals is a big part of the Education
  • Earn while you Learn – Locating Buyers and Sellers
  • Beginning Associates – Earn $1,000 minimum or 10% of the profit on each closing
  • Experienced Associates – Earn a higher % of profit depending on your experience, negotiable!
  • Become a Trainer – After you close your first deal
  • Build your Teams – while helping build our Teams

Videos – of past Meetings

How to Make Multiple Lease Option Offers
REIpro locating properties and owners
For Rent by Owners
For Sale by Owners
Flipping Properties on Craigslist
Properties For Sale
Tenants doing Rehabs 1
Tenants doing Rehabs 2
Security on Properties
Cash Buyers & Wholesalers
Joint Venture Partners
Cloud Property Management
Podio Training

YouTube – Playlist for Real Estate Training

Future Videos

Automate & Delegate
C-Corp vs S-Corp for Wholesaling
C-Corp for Wholesaling
Finding Cash Buyers
NHB What We Sell

Company Policy – Building Trust on your path to Freedom

Dan Ringwald – President/CEO – 805-242-3004 – Google Voice/Text – Contact
Here is a one hour video.  This will give you a good idea of what we cover in our businesses of Wholesaling and Joint Venture Properties.  I will be here to help work with you and your Trainers, Training Accounts, Closing the Deals, and make sure you Get Paid at Closing!

Michael Ringwald – Trainer, Associate, Investor
Technical Support – 805-391-4191 – Google Voice/Text
Michael V LLC
Real Estate Training, Website Design, Cash Buyer List downloads, Account Setup, and more!

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