We Buy and Sell Vacant Land Nationwide

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Example: 30 Acres in NM – current listing $35k

Would you like to Buy, Sell or Trade some Vacant Land?
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We Buy and Sell all types of Vacant Land and generally in these three categories below.

Infill Land – Vacant Land in cities where the land is in the middle of homes or businesses.

Outskirt Land – Vacant Land in the path of city growth

Recreational Land – Vacant Land with larger parcels for use by RVers and those that work from home and can live anywhere!

We Buy Your Vacant Land – Here is how we do this.  First we contact you to see if you are interested in selling your vacant land and go over a few of your questions.  If you are interested in selling we schedule up a day and time for a phone call or a video chat. Video chats from our computer to your computer are usually the best so we can share our screen information and show you some comparable properties in order get a better idea as to the area and market values and the length of time other properties have been on the market.  We then agree on a price and email you a contract to purchase. You are able to review it and see if we need any changes before signing.  We agree on a First American title company close to where you live.

We require a six month agreement. That gives us time to run a market analysis to confirm our purchase price works for us as investors.  If we see there is strong demand we are able to move forward and purchase your property. We make our profit by building and selling or holding and eventually selling.  This might only take a few months if it’s a strong market for the purchase price.

If the purchase price is too high, we could choose to back out completely at that time and end our agreement.  We could also choose to take the full six months and pay for more marketing, in order for us to get your original asking price, and assign it to one of our investors/buyers.

If that happens the buyer will pay us an assignment fee which is a little higher than your asking price so we make a small profit for our time.  All businesses must make a profit to stay in business.   The good news is we are investors not realtors so you never have to pay a commission, or deal  with any realtors, you get your asking price, and we do all the work, take all the calls, do all the marketing, have years of experience, and do this full time.  It is very common for us to see vacant land with realtor listings on Zillow that go on for 500 days or more.  That will never happen with us. Quick sales are a sign of a successful business and we are here to help you succeed with us.  We look forward to working with you.

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Dan Ringwald – 805-242-3004 – call or text 24/7 is another option for you.

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