Why I Love Real Estate

Why I love Real Estate

There are way too many highlights and benefits of real estate investing to hit on in a single blog post, so I’m shooting to give a basic overview here.  I don’t think there is any better vehicle for achieving financial freedom for the average person that investing in cash-flowing rental properties.  In the future we will dive into each of these (as well as other benefits) in much further detail, but for now lets hit very briefly on some of the biggest advantages.


Anyone can do this!  This isn’t something that requires you to have some revolutionary business idea.  It does not require that you are some tech guru with a big business ides. You don’t have to have incredible sales ability, or some other unique talent to leverage.  There are only TWO things you have to do to be successful in this arena, and anyone can do these.  1) Take the time to educate yourself first.  It is not a difficult subject and quite easy.  2) Get your first investment property.  Even if you have to really bootstrap to get there or find creative ways to finance it.


Cash is king, and investing for cash flow is the way to an early retirement.  Cash flow is simply all the cash that comes in, minus all the cash that goes out. The amount left is your cash flow. Real estate is an amazing cash flow machine.  You collect the rents, pay the expenses, pay the mortgage and what’s left if your cash flow.  If your monthly cash flow from investments is greater than your personal monthly expenses, you have achieved financial freedom.  Buy enough properties and eventually that cash flow will exceed your monthly expenses, and then you’re free!

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